Restorative Dentist in Leavenworth


The Importance of Restorative Dentistry

Crowns, fillings, bridges, implants, and more are all considered restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry is an important part of our Leavenworth practice because it allows us to help preserve your remaining tooth structure and can rebuild your bite so you can smile and eat your favorite foods with confidence.

Restorative dentists in Leavenworth
Composite fillings

Composite Fillings

Undetectable and Strong

Composite fillings are made of a light-cured resin material that makes them strong and durable. The filling material is bonded to your tooth and comes in many shades, so it will match your natural tooth color perfectly.

Root Canal Therapy

Save Your Tooth

Root canals are a simple and effective way to alleviate tooth pain and save your natural tooth in cases of severe decay or infection. Instead of extracting your tooth, we will remove the tooth’s infected pulp and put a medicated material in its place. After your root canal, we’ll place a filling or crown over the top and you’ll have full, pain-free function again.

Root canals

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Dental Crowns

A Royal Restoration

A crown can restore your tooth’s function when a filling isn’t an option. They snugly cover the whole top of your tooth and are cemented into place. Crowns can be made of resin, porcelain, metal, or a porcelain-fused-to-gold combination. Crowns are made to perfectly match the shape and size of your natural tooth giving you a long-lasting beautiful smile.

Dental crowns


Replace Your Missing Tooth

A fixed bridge used two crowns with a false tooth in between to replace your missing tooth or teeth. There are different styles of bridges to suit different needs. Bridges are a great way to replace a missing tooth when a dental implant isn’t an option.


Smile With Confidence

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth. They’re made to match your natural smile or give you a different look if you choose. There are two types of dentures — complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all of your teeth are missing and partial dentures are used when most of your natural teeth remain. Partial dentures are especially helpful in preventing your remaining teeth from shifting out of position which can alter your bite.


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